Le Belle Jours Café is the patisserie where everyone in all town mainly enjoys its illustrious cakes, which almost everyone seems to adore. The owners of the patisserie are Kazuki and Otoha Hanazuki (Aiko's dad and mom) with Otoha's brothers Olivier, Julien, and François. It has been seen and/or mentioned in every episode, serving as the meeting place for Aiko and her friends, a segway in the plot, as well as a major center for festive. The name is a French word for "Café of Beautiful Days".

Exterior Edit

Its appearance is beautiful, adorned with a red and gold facade topped with crescent-like finishes, and pink glass door with a sign that says "Bienvenue" (French for 'welcome'). It is also guarded by two stone unicorns, who now and then move and give personal opinions. Not to mention the food as a favorite among the residents, and from the menu, houses a wide assortment of sweet foods, for whom without, the Harajuyork inhabitants head into a sort of path.

Interior Edit

The rooms inside the house include a counter where Aiko's family works, six tables each with 5 seats, a dining room, a very large basement and at least two bedrooms. Aiko's room is filled with pink and a bit of pastel colors. This includes bed, studying desk with pink chair, wardrobe, pillow-styled seats with pink table, medium pink bureau, pale pink lamp, heart-styled clock, and posters of Pierre Kox on the wall.

Residents Edit

  • Kazuki Hanazuki
  • Otoha Hanazuki
  • The Hanazuki Triplets (Olivier, Julien, François)
  • Aira Hanazuki (Aiko's older sister)
  • Gara Hanazuki (Aiko's older brother)
  • Aiko Hanazuki